space ship

Space Ship: a philosophical concept of design, architecture and way of living in today's world.

IDEA of a space ship emerges of thoughts about a planet traveling throu the universe - a tiny object powered with it's internal reactor and solar energy; with very large crew and no captain.
The vastnes of cosmos to discover and only few resources loaded at the beggining of the trip.
Condition: fair...

VESSEL - the space ship - a ship in our voyage throu life. A vessel to carry us to our destination, away from what we want to leave behind, or simly ahead.
It might be a sailing ship, a houseboat, caravana, a house on wheels, on wings or just any place you live - a house in the country or flat in a town.
What's makeing it a ship is it's integrity and it's crew.

To get anywhere we need fuel, supplies, tools and inner space for various functions. The medical bay could have dedicated tools, table and specialists ar just be a first-aid set in the kitchen. What's important is not to forget about it when setting out on a journey.

In space we are on our own, with our skills and our abilities to utilise encountered opportunities, like drilling the asteroids for ore or sessonal local market. We need to watch our surrounding.

The supplies are always limited by ways of equireing or storage capacity; and every gram on board requires additional energy, so don't keep junk - it's lighter to travel. But what is junk today might be usefull tomorrow so give it a thought.
What we seek is equilibrium.

The energy we will get from sun, wind and human muscle. Training and physical work will keep us in good shape and ready for action.

          (...) Every morning, every crew member is to check in in ships engine room where he or she is to generate set amount of power to be accumulated in the batteries(...)

CREW must be tuned. Larger inner conflicts might be a threat for ships operation and safety. We may not like each other but we must trust each other. The trust that every one will do his work.
If you are certain of your crew, you can rest while someone else is on watch. And you can go around with four hours of sleep for every twelwe hours.

The crew needs to be big enough to cope with ships operating, and the ship itself big and tough to withstend the journey throu the universe. But oversizing one or the other will bring new problems with embeceing the ship, it's condition, operation and path.


  • bridge
  • navigation & strategy
  • communications & sensors
  • engine room & power
  • kitchen & galley
  • breeding & pantry
  • drinking water system
  • crew quarters
  • sanitary block & system
  • recreation
  • meditation
  • medical bay
  • research lab
  • library & archive
  • workshop
  • door-bay
  • machine shop
  • cargo hold
  • armory
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